27 May 2009

Do you want to win a cloth diaper?

Do you want to win yourself (or to be exact, your baby) a cloth diaper? Kitty Cat from A Pregnant Pause is having another giveaway. This time, Kitty Cat, together with Sandra from MiaBambina are giving away 2 Pocket Change Cloth Diapers to 2 lucky winners.

Sizing guide and available colours for Pocket Change Cloth Diaper

I absolutely loves the Pocket Change cloth diaper. Currently priced at RM70 and inclusive of 2 inserts (one trifold hemp & one 4-layer microterry booster), it is one of the most economical pocket diaper available in Malaysia. Pocket Change cloth diaper is available in 3 sizes - small, medium and large. I personally feel the sizes are smaller as compared to other diaper in the market but it fits Anney really well. Anney is currently 14 months, weighing 10.6 kg and has quite chubby thighs (Anney is wearing L size).

One of the unique feature of this diaper is the "easy pass through" pocket that allows the inserts to agitate out in the wash. So, if taking out the messy insert from soiled diaper is something that put you off, this is really a great saver.

The outer layer of Pocket Change is made from soft PUL and is water resistant. The colour hardly fade / bleed as compared to some of my other well known brand diapers. Although I have used my Pocket Change diaper for at least 10 months, it still look absolutely new! The inner layer is made from soft fleece and it helps keep the wetness away from baby's skin.

My 10 months old Pocket Change diaper - it still looks brand new even though I used it almost daily. This is a work horse!

Pocket Change cloth diaper comes with snap adjustments and is great at keeping my curious baby's hand away. Anney is great at opening all the diapers with velcro tape and so far, still can't open the snap button diaper yet.

Pocket Change is also one of the trimmest pocket diaper available in town.

I would definitely love to own another piece of this fabulous cloth diaper from MiaBambina.

If you would like to win this too, hope over to A Pregnant Pause and leave your comment in the post. It is that easy! Deadline is 1 June 2009 (2pm, local time).


Jad said...

But I think velcro tape should be affect your baby's skin. May be it makes some rashes on skin.
My wife always use Cloth Diaper Packages without any velcro tape.

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