25 May 2009

My busy busy Sunday

Yesterday was a busy busy Sunday for me. Besides, doing the usual cleaning, cooking and attending to my 2 demanding princess, I also have to play Teacher Mommy role.

Werney first semester exam will be approaching soon and we as parents, has been given "message" from school to assist our child with the revision and of course, to do it with lots of TLC ("tender loving care"). I was going through the exam notice and there will be 4 papers for this semester exam - Number, Chinese, English and Bahasa (Malay language). Wow, for 5 years old and there will be 4 papers! Mommy is already sweating here!

The toughest subject would be to do the revision for Chinese language since Mommy here is a banana! Maybe next time Daddy should take over the role.

Me making some flash cards for Werney for Bahasa

Flash cards are cut based on the Bahasa "sukukata"

Doing revision for Chinese language "Ting Xie" (spelling)

Revision for Chinese, to ensure word are written in the correct stroke

Find the missing stroke

More Chinese revision, count the number of stroke for each word


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