16 May 2009

Baby wearing workshop

I had fun attending the baby wearing workshop at the Breastfeeding Cafe this morning. The workshop was organised jointly by Chin Nee of MamaPatch.com and Vivian of Fabulousmom.com.

The turnout at the workshop was quite good with some new moms and some moms-to-be. Chin Nee is really a master in baby wearing and she shared with us how she discovered baby wearing after she had her twin boys last year. According to her, it has helped her to calm her very fussy babies, which need to be carried at all the times.

I've discovered baby wearing when Werney was much younger but have never master the skill. Now it is the right time for me to re-learn baby wearing again coz' Anney is currently at the stage of "koala bear". Whenever she see me now, she wants me to carry her and no one else....not even her favourite Poh Poh! Being able to wear Anney would leave me handfree to do some chores at home.

Anney in ring sling

If you would like to learn more on baby wearing, do check out Chin Nee's blog. Oh by the way, both her boys are really cute!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Thanks for coming Pauline. You are already doing great too and am happy to hear that babywearing helps with your lil Koala Anney :)

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