21 May 2009


Sis#4 just got back from a 9 days holiday tour at Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou & Shenzen. Really envy her and wish I could do that too! Anyway, these are what she bought back for my princess...

New CROCS for Werney (pink Dora) and Anney (purple Minnie)

In Shenzen, these CROCS are being sold for only a fraction of the price we paid in Malaysia. I think I will never get any more CROCS from our local store. Just imagine, my sis bought these for less than RM15/pair and they sure looks authentic and not our Carrefour / Giant quality. I really can't tell whether these are authentic or not. After all, CROCS are made in China.

However, just be careful if you are letting your kids wear these to the malls where they will have to take the escalator (yes, I know all the horror stories!). Do teach them to place their feet in the yellow box!


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