16 May 2009

Review: Asian Parenting Today Book

SIL#2 will be delivering her first baby anytime now although her EDD is in early June 2009. Being a first time mom, I bought her this book "Asian Parenting Today".

I had previously bought this book and gave it to a friend when she had her first child back in year 2005/2006. Then when I had Anney last year, she loaned it back to me and it has been a great read. Being a second time mom didn't make me know it all. I still find the book very informative and it is especially written for Asian parents like us with all the "pantang larang" (cultural beliefs and practices).

The book is written by three registered nurses and midwives (Jennifer Hor, Ho Ai Ling, Jocelyn Oo), who have extensive experience in nursing and midwifery in UK, Australia and Malaysia. It is written in simple language and it is easy to understand.

The book addresses many of the very common childcare issues for modern parents in the first year of their baby's life.

Some of the interesting topics included in the book are things to-do/not to-do during confinement period, caring for your newborn from appearances to feedings, everything you need to know about breastfeeding, weaning and even recipe for your baby. Now you can tell your confinement lady or even MIL with authority what's right or what's wrong!

The only complaint I have on this book is the font colour. I just hope the publisher would print it in darker colour font for future publication so that I don't have to strain my eyes reading it.

If you are a new mom or mom-to-be, this is definitely the bible you should have!

The book is currently retail at RM39.90 for English version and RM26.00 for Mandarin version.


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