08 May 2009

Where is my car?

I went shopping with Sis#2 at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur yesterday. As we had decided to meet up after work, I drove there on my own and she drove there in a separate car.

We shop, eat, laugh and then it was time to leave. After we paid our parking charges in one of those AutoPay machine, I asked her, so where is your car? I told her I parked at Basement B1 and she said, it should be the same. Within minutes, I found my car at the parking space and offer to drive Sis#2 to her car since it was already late.

Sis#2 said she parked somewhere in the middle row and there is a ATM machine near the entry to the shopping mall. We drove round and round at Basement B1 and couldn't locate her car. Sis#2 was getting a little panic. Then she said, maybe it is not this floor. We checked with one of the security guard with Sis#2 parking ticket (most parking ticket will show the entry point) and was told "Atas atas" (means Go Up). So we went up another floor, did the rounding again and still no sign of Sis#2 car. Checked with another security guard and got the same reply "Atas atas".

We tried at least 3 floors up from B1 before we finally located Sis#2 car and it was like 15-20 minutes doing our rounds at the Pavillion car park! Imagine that was me driving around in a car and it would definitely takes more time if you are walking around the car park.

So for those of you who always have this problem of locating your car at shopping complexes or anywhere else, here's my advice:-
  • Snap a picture of the nearest pillar of where you have parked your car using your camera phone / camera (if you have one handy). This would help you to remember where you have parked by referring to the picture when it is time to leave.
  • Remember the first shop that you saw when you stepped into the mall and try to exit at the same place / floor.
  • Don't talk on the handphone when you leave your car so you get less distracted
  • If all else failed, please contact the parking management office and asked the security guard to accompany you to the car....never walk alone and don't be a hero! I'm sure many of you still remember the story of Canny Ong at Bangsar Shopping Complex parking lot.


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