07 May 2009

Pledge a gift for Mothers with sick children

Some of the Blog's authors that I have been following had initiated this project called Mothering Mothers for this coming Mother's Day. The project was first initiated by Lilian of 5XMom back in year 2004. The main idea is to distribute gifts to mothers who were in hospital to take care of their sick children and as such the project titled Mothering Mothers. It may be a small token of gift but it is the thoughts that count.

I know it is never easy to take care of a sick child and what's more, to take care of these terminally ill children. My heart goes all out to these Mothers with a heart of gold.

This is the first time I'm participating in this very meaningful project. I've already pledged my gifts. It is the lil' thing that I hope I could tell these Mothers that they are not ALONE.

Would you like to contribute too? However, please note the tight deadline for the gift is by tomorrow 8 May 2009. The volunteers will distribute these gifts to the mothers at UMMC on 9 May 2009.

If you want more information on this and how you can contribute, please feel free to hop over to Lilian's blog or the many volunteers below:

Christene from Allthingspurple
Ros from http://mama22beas.blogspot.com/
Chanel from http://www.chanelwong.blogspot.com/
Elaine from http://montessorimum.com/

Update @ 11 May 2009
Got an updates from Christene that the Project was a great success this year. They have received more gifts than expected although the Project only started 10 days before the actual event date. The sight at UMMC was quite sad and if you want to read more, do hope over to the above mentioned blogs. I am too chicken to join them as I have a soft spot and definitely can't control my sob if I see a child in pain.


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