09 May 2009

Anney @ 14 months old

Anney's milestone at 14 months
  • Can walk quite fast
  • Loves to climb chair, sofa, table, bed and anything in sight
  • Able to climb down from sofa, bed, table etc
  • Can says a few words like woof woof (dog), mum mum (food), pa pa (daddy), poh (grandma), gong (granddad).....aiseh, still can't say mama yet
  • Can self-feed foods like bread or biscuit
  • Drink from straw cup
  • Loves to brush her teeth
  • Scribbles with crayon though she loves it more in her mouth....this little princess of mine loves to put everything in her mouth!
  • Can turn pages of book
  • Loves to play water
  • Can understand simple instructions like No, Put this into that, Bring me item I request, Find her own shoes
  • She loves to instruct mommy and daddy to bring this and that for her too by pointing!


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