15 May 2009

Avent BPA-free bottles...it's finally here!

Over the last few years, media has been bombarded with news on bisphenol-A or in short, BPA. BPA is a chemical commonly found in plastic used to make baby bottles or drinking bottles.

Various studies have been done in US/Canada and some reports have indicated that BPA is one of the causes for behavioral changes in babies, contribute to early onset of puberty in girls or even breast cancer. Of course, there are some reports that confirmed small amounts of BPA found in baby bottles are okay but many parents are switching to BPA-free bottles, just to be on the safe side.

Most of the popular brands available in the market such as Avent, Gerber, Dr. Brown, Playtex contain BPA (although most manufacturers are switching to BPA-free bottles now). Baby bottles with BPA are still widely available, at least in Malaysia.

Early March this year, six major baby bottle companies in the USA – Avent, Disney First Years, Gerber, Dr Brown, Playtex and Evenflow have also voluntarily agreed to stop using BPA in their baby bottles. However, they will continue to market these BPA bottles overseas and third world countries could be their dumping ground!

Over here in Malaysia, our Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) has written to our Health Minister to request for an immediate halt on the sale of such products containing BPA. Sadly to say, no prevalent action has been taken by our Health Minister to date.

The distributor of Avent bottles in Malaysia, Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd has just brought in their range of Avent BPA-free bottles but they maintained that they will continue to sell the old type with BPA.
According to the guy I spoke to, the BPA-free range is to give customer an alternative choice and totally silent on the potential toxic effect of BPA!

So what do I do with all my Avent bottles? Some are even in unopened pack (which I have bought during sales) and these people at Kinderdijk refused to accept the returns even for unopened pack.

My old Avent bottles

I have just purchased a new batch of Avent BPA-free bottles to replace all my old Avent bottles.
The retail price for the new Avent BPA-free bottle is RM49 for 9oz bottle and RM43 for 4oz bottle (yes, they are here to suck blood lor....so expensive!). I still use Avent bottles since Anney is very used to it and I still have a lot of Avent teats. Anyway, Avent bottle is fuss free to use as compared to some other brands with too many parts to assemble and wash.

Just arrived....new batch of Avent BPA-free bottles

The Avent BPA-free bottle looks exactly like the old bottle except that it is tinted with light honey colour like this one below.
If you are looking for Avent BPA-free bottles (yes, it's finally here in Malaysia), you can get it from Babyland, BabyJaya or this online store www.mybbstore.com. Mybbstore is having a 20% discount for Avent range now.


Berceste said...

I am really confused about bottles and my little one is Aventcolic like alcoholic! She is refusing the other BPA free bottles and I am so angry to Avent, they did not launch their BPA free range in Turkey. Lots of policarbonate bottles on the market and Mothercare prefer to sell Avent also! I am confused which product is safe, which one is not. Today they found BPA and tomorrow we won't know what will they find for BPA free PES bottles!

Blog's author said...

Berceste: Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. You try to purchase the Avent BPA-bottles online from some US/UK stores as I know some stores do ship internationally. Otherwise, some Malaysian online baby stores also ship international but it would be more costly for you. Since the authority have found the negative impact of BPA on baby, we better be safe than sorry.

Berceste said...

I corresponded with Avent. My point is what they do! They discriminate the people and countries. They would like to sell old ones first and maybe they will end up them when they finish their stock. My husband in UK now and he will bring new BPA bottles but not Avent. I refuse to use Avent. Also my baby refuse use others :( Chicken and egg situation! We will see...

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