07 May 2009

Me needs a new bag for Mother’s Day because …..

Me needs a new bag for Mother’s Day because …..

Well, it is not exactly for myself. The folks at Alicewonders.com and Mombloggersplanet.com are currently having a contest to give away a free bag for Mother's Day. As I had just blog about pledging a gift for the deserving Mothers with sick children at UMMC under the Project Mothering Mothers, I thought why not to pledge this bag if I win to one of the Mother. I hope it is not too late although I have already pledged 3 gifts!

I'm sure this little gift would brighten up the deserving Mother who has to care for her sick child. A lot of time, us mothers tend to neglec
t ourselves and place our children above everything else.

Mother's Day is about paying tribute to Mothers and I believe these Mothers with sick children would need our support the most for them to stay strong.

A nice and roomy bag like this one would best suit the Mother to store her daily needs if she needs to commute to and fro from home & hospital. I've also chosen RED and hope this would brighten up her day.


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