01 June 2009

Fully booked?

It is school holiday time again and Werney has been asking me to bring her for holiday. I asked her where she would like to go and she screamed with excitement and blurted "Hong Kong"??

Aiyoh, my lil' girl sure know how to enjoy, huh? Not sure where she learned about Hong Kong (coz' we have never brought her to Hong Kong before!).....maybe she heard it from Sis#4 that just got back from her Hong Kong Disneyland trip. Well, I don't think we could make a short trip to Hong Kong due to DH's busy schedules and furthermore, I think Anney is too young for Disneyland.

So, after some procrastinations, I finally surf the net today to look for the best hotel deals for our coming short trip. Well, not Hong Kong but Cuti-Cuti Malaysia only. To my disappointment, most of the hotels that I have in mind are fully booked for this coming week due to school holidays & public holiday. Talking about recession and economy downturn, I guess our local hotels are not that badly affected after all!

Some of the kids friendly hotels I have in mind are:-

Palmy coconut trees & pool @ Parkroyal Penang

Amazing pool @ Swiss Garden Kuantan

Sunset @ Holiday Inn Malacca

All the above hotels are fully booked for the date I wanted! I'm still trying my luck and hopefully can find other comparative hotels!


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