28 June 2009

Weekend activity

I blogged earlier that both my girls are water babies.....they just love splashing and dipping their feet in the pool. Since we move out from our condominium early this year, there wasn't much opportunity for us to bring both Werney and Anney for a swim.

We dug this inflatable pool out from our storeroom on Saturday and set it up at our backyard. It is way too small for Werney but nevertheless, she still loves it. Although it may look small, this mini pool took a long while for the water to fill up. As the water was also a little cold, I even had to boil 2 kettles of hot water to make the water warmer.

Really wish we could have a "real" pool at our backyard but thinking about the maintenance cost etc, don't think it is feasible for us to do it. Anyway, we probably wouldn't have the time to use it during weekday as most of the time, my girls will be at grandma's house.

Also see the mini grass garden behind? DH spent some a lot of time to make it look like this. It was once a "junkyard" with overgrown lalang and it took quite a lot of efforts to clear the concretes, woods, stones and whatever left from our renovation works and filled it up with proper soils. It was hard work but now it is great for DH to practice his golf and for my girls to have a mini picnic outdoor!

Both my girls enjoying a dip in the mini pool....


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