26 June 2009

Student wannabe

Although Werney and Anney's age gap is about 3.5 years, Anney really adores her Cheh Cheh. She would follow everything her Cheh Cheh does, love to hug each others (and of course fight too!) and recently, she also wanted to follow her Cheh Cheh to school and insisted to wear the uniform too.

Everyday, Anney would follow my mom and dad to send Werney to kindy and now, Anney wanted to wear the uniform too! A car ride to kindy is not enough to satisfy my curious toddler. My mom also said she would cry if she doesn't get to wear the uniform.

See this is my student wannabe...sorry mommy think you are too young for pre-school at 15 months!

Anney in Werney's kindy uniform

See got school bag too!

More pose in kindy uniform....it's like a maxi dress lol!


Mummy to QiQi said...

eee....cute nya!

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