12 June 2009

Book Buffet

I just got back from a book buffet. You might be asking book also got buffet, meh? Yes, Scholastic is currently having a book buffet promotion at MegaKidz Midvalley, from 12 to 14 June 2009. You pay RM49.90 to buy a bag and you can stuff all you can (as long as can fit into the bag). They have about 20,000 titles on promotion. Isn't that great? The catch is that the bag is only approximately 25cm x 25cm x 1 cm in size. It looks really tiny.

The bag look like this.....

Guess how many books I managed to fit into this tiny wonder?

I managed to stuff a total of 16 books. On average, the price per book is about RM3.10 only. This is even cheaper than 2nd hand book shop. While I was walking out, the organiser told me I could actually stuff in more books but since I couldn't find any other suitable books for my girls, I declined the offer.

The place was not too crowded but the selection of books for younger children (like below 5 years) are quite limited. What was more disappointing was there were a group of kiasu mommies who just took all the books and then slowly sorting what they want and what they do not want on the floor, while trying to stuff the books into the tiny bag! The rest of the parents basically have to stand there and wait! The organiser told me that they will replenish the stock tomorrow and I hope they will have more selections for younger children.

Anyway, these are what I managed to grab.


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