22 June 2009

Parents-Teacher Day

Last Saturday, both DH and me met up with Werney's teacher. It was the Parents-Teacher Day. Our appointment was 6.10pm and it was over within 5 minutes! Werney's teacher is the "quiet" type and I certainly hope she is not like that in front of the kids!

Anyway, she passed us Werney's mid-term exam papers and asked us whether these were what we expected from Werney?

Werney did really well with score of 98% to 100% for all her 5 papers and when we told her, result is not everything, the teacher looked a little shock! I was expecting her teacher to go through Werney's progress like reading etc and how she behave in school but all these were not told to the parents until we prompted her. Anyway, conclusion, my little girl here is also a chatter box in school! The teacher also mentioned that there was once Werney's classmate asked her why she has so many things to talk (slapped my forehead)!

My miss chatter box!


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