30 June 2009

Babysitter for a day

Last Sunday evening, BIL & SIL sent Ven-Hynn ("VH") (the name is quite special hor?) over to my house as they were invited for a garden wedding reception at Carcosa Seri Negara by one of their closed friend. Since the H1N1 scare and VH's immune system is still immature, they prefer not to bring him out and exposed him to all the germs etc.

So DH, Werney and me play "babysitter" for a day (or should I said a few hours). Anney also quite "kepoh chi" and whenever the VH cries, she would run over and try to stroke VH or pat him. We were more worried that Anney may accidentally pat him too hard or sit on VH, so we try to make sure Anney stays far from VH.

Well, it is definitely not so easy to care for 3 kids!

Yes, I still need to make sure Werney have her dinner or sometimes, still have to feed her as she has the tendency to tell me half way through the meal, that she doesn't want to eat anymore or she is full. Werney still needs me to bath her.

As for Anney, she will acts a little manja and wanted to be carry too when I carry VH. When I feed VH milk, Anney also wanted to drink her milk too although she just had her porridge like 10 minutes ago. I think babies also can feel the competition!

For VH (currently @ about 6 weeks old) .....according to SIL, he doesn't like to sleep and true enough, he doesn't sleep well. Aren't all babies are supposed to sleep most of the time? Well, I'm totally wrong! VH loves to be carry around and would nap like 10-15 minutes before he cries again. I even try to put him in the baby sling but I am not very used to carry a small baby in the sling and definitely not confident enough to walk about with VH. I'm still very used to carry baby in hip position and not the cradle position.

Anyway, we managed to steal a few shots at our backyard........

Baby Ven-Hynn

Closed up on Baby Ven-Hynn

Both Werney and Anney also wanted to lie down next to Baby Ven-Hynn for a shot

My 2 girls


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