05 June 2009

Yeah, I won, I won!

I got a Facebook message from Chin Nee that I have been selected as the Grand Prize winner for the recent Mother's Day Contest organised by Fabulousmom.com. Gee, what a great surprise! I have only submitted one entry for the contest and wasn't having too much expectation on winning. Anyway, I can hear myself singing "Jump for joy, Jump for joy!" now......what song is that already, ah?

For the grand prize, I get to take home a complete SK-II skin care set.

The set includes:-

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel 15g x 1pc
SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser 20g x 1pc
SK-II Facial Treatment Clear lotion 20ml x 1pc
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 30ml x 1pcs
SK-II Facial Sign Treatment Totality 15g x 1pcs
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask x 1pc

What a perfect gift to pamper myself!

If you want to see all the winning entries, do hope over to Fabulousmom's blog here (me too "pai sei" to publish my winning entry here).

Photo that I have submitted for the contest

By the way, the wonderful photo above was taken by Jazz of Two Pixels Photography. I have named this photo Bubbly L.O.V.E.

Thanks to Vivian of Fabulousmom.com for selecting me. You really make my day!


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