04 June 2009

A day at KLCC

Since it is school holiday and I still have a few days of annual leave to clear before end of this month, I decided to take a day off yesterday & spend some motherly time with my 2 princesses. As both my princesses are late sleeper and could only wake up around 9-ish in the morning, we have to forgo our trip to any outdoor parks coz' it will be scorching hot by the time we get ready to leave the house!

I decided to take both of them together with my mom to KLCC instead. We reached KLCC around 11 am and had a early lunch at Spring Garden. Yes, we usually go for Chinese foods coz' Werney is quite a fuzzy eater. She doesn't take cheese, spaghetti, sandwiches, pizza or burger. On the other hand, Anney love whatever we eat!
Though it was a midweek day, KLCC was crowded as KLCC is having a Lego fair in conjunction with the school holiday. Kids can participate in the Lego building or even treasure hunt activities from 2 to 7 June 2009.

KLCC Lego Fair

Werney & Anney trying their hands with the Lego

Look at all the Lego! Kids can spend hours on this

After that we went to KLCC Aquaria and also the Aquazone Fish Spa. Mom had fun trying out the Fish Spa. We paid RM20 per person and get RM5 rebate for the Aquaria ticket. Werney refuses to try this whilst Anney was asleep at her stroller.

The experience at the Fish Spa was quite fun but it can get quite geli when the Garra Rufa fishes nimbled our feet! After the 30 minutes fish therapy, our feet were really smooth and all the dead skin gone. I must bring Dad to try this one day coz' his feet are really dry!

Mom enjoying the Fish Spa

Werney trying out the Spider hat at the Aquaria gift shop

All the pictures taken at the Aquaria turned out to be quite poor due to my old old Canon camera. I didn't want to lug along my digital SLR coz' it is kind of bulky and difficult for me to handle 2 active kids.

We had a great day at KLCC yesterday except that my parking fee cost me RM15.50!


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