01 July 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

It's my mom and the girls' grandma birthday today. Mom will be turning 57 today. Happy Birthday Mom! We love you.

Most of my family members & in-laws' birthday fall in the second half of the year except Sis#3. So from now onwards....there will be many dinners and cakes to savour!

I bought mom an Esprit convertible bag where you can hang over your shoulder or sling it. I think it is great for travelling or even a trip to the shopping mall with my girls to leave my mom's hands free. Will put up some photos later.

As it is a weekday today, I will only take mom out for dinner after work and follow by cake cutting. Werney get overly excited today coz' it grandma's birthday and she already told my mom that she will blow the candle and cut the cake together with my mom (as though it is her birthday!). Well, Werney really adores my mom.

Hope to be able to leave office early today.


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