26 July 2009

Living green - reusable shopping bag

I have started bringing my own bags when I go shopping nowadays, whether it is for groceries or a trip to the toy store. Do you do the same?

Why I love these reusable bags?
  • Better for the environment and our mother earth.
  • Plastic bag aren't biodegradable. Many plastic bags ended up in the sea which causes pollution and hundreds of thousands of whales, dolphins, sea turtles die every year after eating discarded plastic bags they mistake for food. Soon, our children will only see these animals in the books.
  • Save money $$$ in the long run as more and more retails are charging for plastic bag e.g. Ikea etc.
  • These reusable bag are usually roomy, waterproof and very durable. I just need one or two bags to carry my groceries and not like 10 plastic bags from the hypermarket. I am not sure why these cashiers at the hypermarket love to give out so many plastic bags. They tend to put only like 5 items or so in every bags!
  • It is so convenient, these reusable bag are so compact and light, I could just fold them and pop a few into my handbag or car dashboard. Just fish one out whenever I need it.
  • A good way to teach my kids about going green, I guess it is best to start them young.
  • Lastly, of course the GLAM factor lol....imagine carrying the stylish reusable bag to the wet market, surely I can't be another one of those "Ah Soh" (aunty), right? Many times at the malls, I overheard some mothers asking their kids what free gift (the reusable bag) is this, ah? Well, of course, they are too shy to ask me!
I have just purchased a few more Envirosax from TinyTapir to give to my sisters and family.

Envirosax is made from lightweight polyester, portable, waterproof, and weighing just 1.4 oz each. The bag is quite roomy and can take weight up to 20 kgs.

Bag dimensions (unrolled) approximately 19.5" x 16.5"
Bag dimensions (rolled-up) approximately 4" x 1.5"

Currently, Tiny Tapir is clearing their old stock of Envirosax due to some drama they had with the manufacturer. They are selling each bag at RM20 (the normal retail price is about RM25 each). Of course, Tiny Tapir have other range of reusable bag in their store.

Envirosax (rolled-up) from Tiny Tapir

Envirosax, it is quite roomy and great for groceries. Can takes weight up to 20 kgs

Other than Envirosax, I also love the Village Grocer (at Bangsar Village) 's chiller reusable bag. Got this for RM7 for every purchase above RM100. This is great for storing milk, juice or ice-cream!

This is one of my baby step to live greener and little thing I hope I could do for our children. Please say NO to plastic whenever you can!


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