15 July 2009

Another weekend activity

Since the H1N1 scare, we have been visiting less shopping malls and crowded areas to avoid catching the flu bug. So what have we been doing with the girls at home lately?

Cycling, water play, sand-art, painting and lately baking too!

I bought this Green's fairy cupcakes mix from Cold Storage recently and baked these lovely cupcakes with Werney last Sunday.

Although the instruction indicated that I should use an electric mixer to mix the cupcake mix but I haven't got any, so just use hand to mix the batter. The result is still the same and I gave some cupcakes to Sis#3 and she said they are yummy. The mixing, baking and decorating all done in 40 minutes!

Werney helping me to mix the cupcakes batter

Cupcakes batter with egg, water & oil

As my cupcake baking tray is rather big, managed to bake 9 cupcakes only

Final product and added with edible icing and glitter. The princess sticker idea is from Chin Nee.

Closed up of fairy cupcake with Snow White sticker

Werney posing with her Ariel (Little Mermaid) cupcake


Mummy to QiQi said...

cute!! so easy and fun to use the stickers right?

Blog's author said...

Hi Chin Nee, yes, the sticker was so much fun and Werney is really into princess sticker or anything princess now!

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