17 July 2009

Should we cancel our Phuket trip?

We have been looking forward to the coming August 2009 school holiday as this will be our first overseas holiday with both Werney and Anney. Werney have been really excited about our Phuket trip and regularly asked when are we going to Phuket, how many days and how many nights are we going to be there, have we made Anney's passport and etc.....

However, with the increasing number of H1N1 cases being reported daily, death toll climbing in Thailand and university in Phuket closed for "disinfectant", we are really thinking whether we should just cancel our trip. Yes, I know we also have H1N1 in Malaysia and life still goes on as usual here but my main concern is while travelling in the plane! The seats are so near one and another and also the air-circulation!

Hubby said to keep an eye and ear on this first and we will evaluate the situation when it is closer to the travel date. I know sooner or later this H1N1 will be another common flu but as at now, there is still no vaccination for this H1N1 virus. I really hope the vaccination will be out soon and ease the current pandemic situation.


Bangkok Hotels Thailand said...

The most suitable time to visit Phuket is from November to April, as there are no monsoonal rains during this period. The weather is good, the sea is beautiful and calm and diving and snorkeling trips to the surrounding islands is possible. Visitors should not forget to book accommodation 2 or 3 months in advance for the low season (May to October) and 4 to 5 months in advance for the high and peak season (November to April) as Phuket is popular year round, and tourists from all parts of the world come to visit.

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