05 July 2009


Today is one of my happiest day.

My little girl said Mama. Yes, Anney could finally said Mama. I thought I heard it wrongly the first time and asked her to repeat a few times. Ha, even asked DH to listen and confirmed that. Then, DH asked Anney to say Papa and she smilingly shake her head to indicate NO. This little girl is quite a cheeky mouse.

Anney's speech is picking up real fast and she can repeats quite a few words after us like hello, bear, cow, duck etc. I think she would probably be another chatter box like her sister soon.

By the way, Anney is down with fever and acute tonsillitis. Our paed has to gave her antibiotic, throat infection syrup and ibuprofen because her temperature was 39 degree celcius. Although she has fever and don't really have appetite but this cheeky mouse is still active as usual. She still climbs everywhere and mess up the house with her toys and books. And poor Mama has to be the "kakak" to clean up the house when all of them go to bed!

Anney is napping now and I really hope her fever will subsides soon.


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