07 July 2009

Baby loves to chew her finger

Anney's Chinese zodiac sign is a RAT and true to say, this little Minnie Mouse loves to chew anything and everything!

We gave her a pacifier when she was a baby as she loves to stuffed all her fingers into her mouth and cause the choking and vomiting sensation. She still does it every now and then, especially when we tried to put her into her playpen or baby cot whenever we were busy and doesn't have time to supervise her. She uses this trick to threaten daddy and mommy!

Recently, we discover that she loves to chew and bite her index finger. As a result of this, her index finger (at times) becomes red and raw and mind you, this Minnie Mouse already has 14 teeth! I even noticed that there are teeth biting marks on her index finger. This poor baby who doesn't seems to feel the pain?

I was also going through some of my picture collections and noticed that there are quite a few shots of Anney chewing her finger.

What could I do to stop this habit? I am already trying to limit her time with pacifier and could this be the reason she is chewing her finger now?


Mummy to QiQi said...

my elder twin too love his finger, hence ended up with pacifier.

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