24 July 2009

Sports Day 2009

Last Saturday morning, we attended Werney's kindergarten sports day @ Indoor Stadium, Taman Titiwangsa. Grandma, my sis#3, DH, Anney and myself were up and early, all excited about the sports day.

This year, Werney participated in a game where she was required to flips through 4 hula hoops, then takes a bean bag & climbs up a low bench, walks across the bench, aims & throws the bean bag into a pail and then repeat the above again before giving a high-5 to her friend. It may sounds easy for an adult but I could see some of the kids struggling with the hula hoops.

The sports day was really well-organised. All the kids get to participate in the games and win a medal - "gold", "silver" or "bronze". No one go home empty handed! There are also march pass, performances by the age 4 & 6 groups, games for the parents and also lucky draws.

Werney's team won a gold medal this year and my little girl was all smiling for the whole day!

Students getting ready for the march pass

Some parents even come with banner to cheer their little girl/boy!

Performance by 4 year olds

Werney posing for a shot before the game

Werney in action

All smiling after the game

Performance by 6 years old

Lucky draws presents for parents

More presents for the lucky draws

Werney with her "gold" medal


2ma said...

wow, i love the last pic - the winner post! *hehe*

p/s: i have added your blog to my blog roll

Blog's author said...

Hi 2ma. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, my lil' girl very proud of the medal. I guess it applies to all kids and adults included!

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