06 August 2009

New baby and mommy checklist

As a mother of 2 and being one of the earlier who got married and have baby within my group of friends, I always get this question on what to buy or prepare for new baby and mommy. I thought I might as well share this in my blog. The recommended brands are based on my own experiences and preferences....

Checklist for new baby and mommy

  1. Nursing bras x 3
  2. Breast pads - to avoid those embarrasing moments from milk leakage during final months of pregnancy or post-natal
  3. Nipple cream for sore nipple or cracked nipple (I love Earth Mama Angel Baby's Natural Nipple Butter)
  4. Breast pump - I would recommend to get an electric pump if your budget permit. I personally love the Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced or Medela Swing because of the stimulation of let-down of milk during pumping
  5. Breast milk storage container or bag
  6. Electric bottle & food warmer
  7. Cooler bag and ice bricks
If you are a stay-at-home-mom and will not need to express your breast milk , then omit item 4 to 7 above!

Bottle feeding
  1. Steriliser (I like the Pigeon electric bottle steriliser)
  2. BPA-free feeding bottles and teats x 6 (many brands like MAM, Avent, Dr Brown have BPA-free range). If you want to know what is BPA, refer to my previous post here.
  3. Bottle and teat brush
  4. Bottle drying racks
  5. Bottle washing liquid (Pigeon or Pureen)
  6. Pacifier (optional)
  1. Baby cot
  2. Baby cot mattress - the mattress must be firm to support the baby's back. Latex material is great as it is breathable and anti-bacterial.
  3. Crib set - fitted sheet, cot bumper etc
  4. Baby blanket
  5. Baby monitor
  1. Short sleeves T-shirt or bodysuits x 5
  2. Long sleeves T-shirt or bodysuits x 3
  3. Mitten and booties x 5 pairs
  4. Receiving blanket to swaddle the baby
  5. Wash cloths x 1 dozen
  6. Bib x 3
  7. Diapers (cloth or disposable)
  8. Diaper rash cream
Bathing and grooming
  1. Baby bath tub with non-slip mat
  2. Bath towel
  3. Wash cloth or sponge
  4. Baby comb or brush
  5. Baby nail clipper or scissor
  6. Digital ear or forehead thermometer
  1. Diaper changing bag and changing mat
  2. Stroller - Umbrella folding (more compact and great for traveling) and those stroller that can be reclined fully (work best for newborn baby)
  3. Infant carrier (great for newborn baby till 9 kgs)
  4. Car seat - Convertible car seat can be used from newborn till 18 kgs (around 4 year old)


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