12 August 2009

Ring sling

At 17 months now, Anney is as clingy as a koala bear...or sometimes, I think she is like a velcro tape.....sticking to me everywhere I go and wanted to be carried all the times. During day time, when I was away at work, she would also stick to my mom like that too! Why is my baby like that?

Mind you, this little baby is already 11kgs and it can be quite challenging carrying her around! Luckily, I have my faithful ring sling and Anney loves to be in the sling too. At times, when I refused to carry her as I was busy washing and cleaning up etc, she would brings the sling and asks me to carry her in the sling. Smart baby, right?

The sling that I have is from The Baby Loft. The material used is really luscious and soft as it is made from silk and I really love the olive colour. This colour has been discontinued now. However, I find the nylon ring used in The Baby Loft's ring sling doesn't hold the silk material very well and it can be quite slippery with a heavier baby. Besides, the sling is a little too long for me as I normally used my sling for hip carry. A longer sling would be useful for piggy-back carry style or for discreet breastfeeding, which I no longer need now.

I read from some of the babywearing websites and forums that aluminium ring in smaller size would be perfect for silk material. Not wanting to spend more money to invest into another ring sling (as I was thinking of getting a 2 shoulders carrier like a Mei-Tai or a Soft Structured Carrier later), I found this talented mommy who could helps me to "modify" my ring sling.



* Picture courtesy of Snuggbaby.com

Liza of Snuggbaby helped to change the nylon ring to medium size aluminium ring, shorten the length of the sling by removing the zipper pocket and added a designer fabric as open pocket. I really love the new look of my sling! Thanks very much Liza!

Well, the new aluminium ring does hold the silk material better! Love it! Love it!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Liza really can sew well, and now you have a new "ring sling" :)

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