29 August 2009

Healthy organic noodles

Running out of ideas on what to cook for your toddler and kid?

I have recently bought these healthy organic noodles from Country Farm Organic - Beetroot curly noodle and Carrot Hi-Protein Noodle. Didn't know noodles also have so many flavours now.

Anney is already quite tired of porridge and I thought I will cook her some noodle for lunch today. The carrot noodle can be used for frying, dry style or soup. As both my daughters love soupy stuff, I made the carrot noodle with my own soup stock.

First, I boiled the soup stock using sweet corns, carrot, red dates, half a chicken without skin and anchovies for 3 hours. Just dump everything into the pot and set the timer for 3 hours.

To cook the noodle, add the noodle into hot boiling water (with little salt) for 5 minutes. Care should be taken that the noodle is not overcooked. After that, rinse the noodle in cold water to avoid the noodle sticking together.

After that, I took the soup stock that I have made earlier and bring to boil in a small pot. I have also added homemade fish ball, pork fillet, sweet pea and baby corn. Lastly, add in the noodle and serve hot.

Yummy bowl of carrot noodle

Anney enjoying the noodle

Werney sipping the long carrot noodle. Slurrppp....

Mom, I almost finish my noodle


And the above is a result of little Anney ransacking my cabinet again when I was busy cooking in the kitchen

Both Werney and Anney loves the noodle. I think I will cook it again next week.


Mummy to QiQi said...

thats really healthy!

michelle@mybabybay said...

Looking at the gals eat, you make me wanna cook this too.

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh..delicious and healthy noodles. It's great to see the girls loving it :D

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