14 August 2009

It's official, our Phuket trip is cancelled

With the death toll for H1N1 victims climbing steadily (last count today is 51 in Malaysia!) and probably faster than the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index, we have finally decided to cancel our forthcoming Phuket trip. Yes, it is a hole in the pocket but definitely not taking any chance especially with my 2 girls below 5. I read that children below 5 years old are considered to be in the high risk group, mainly due to the low immunity system.

I have also called up AirAsia to enquire whether we could postponed our trip (but to when right?). Though AirAsia allowed us to postpone our travel date, we will have to pay additional RM80/way for each passenger as administration fee and on top of that, we also have to top up the price difference between the old fares and the new ones! Well, after some calculation, it is just not worth it and I might as well book a new set of tickets. Furthermore, I wonder how long will this H1N1 last? The vaccine is expected to reach our Malaysian shore only by end of this year and by then, how many more deaths will occur?

Werney is upset of course. I am disappointed too....have been looking forward to the white sandy beach and blue blue sea. Oh, not forgetting the spa too! Will task DH to look for a local trip, that don't require us to travel in flight to compensate for the cancelled trip.


mommy to chumsy said...

oh my goodness. already 51 deaths? yesterday was only 38 :( this is very scary. i don't even dare to go to the mall. you can always drive to PD or Pangkor :D

2ma said...

its sad but better be safe than sorry rite

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