28 August 2009

Little ransacker

Little ransacker....that is the current title for my missy Anney.

As you would have probably know, this little missy is super duper active, can't sit still and now, can even open all the cabinets and drawers in my kitchen. Well, surprisingly, she is quite good at closing these drawers by just pushing the front panel and have never hurt her little fingers.

Whenever I am busy in the kitchen either fixing meals for my 2 missies or doing some laundry or house chores, this is what would happen to all my tupperwares, containers, plates and whatever my little missy could fished out from the cabinets.

I am just worried that she would also explores the detergent and soap cabinet. Maybe need to get DH to fix the child-proof cabinet/drawer lock? But I have got so many cabinets....how many locks do I needs?

I wondered what are so special about all these cups and containers? Put these in the toy box and nobody would touch at all. Have these in the cabinets and it became their toys!!!! Haiz.........


michelle@mybabybay said...

Now you can save money on toys.

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhaahhaa...so cute. i think she likes them because they are colourful :D

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