20 August 2009

Astro Ready to Fly Show

Are you Ready to Fly? What am I talking about? It is the game show in Astro Channel 311.

DH got a call from Astro to inform him that he has been shortlisted to participate in the new season of Astro Ready To Fly show. Well....Sis#2, who is a contest crazy girl, registered herself & DH for the show. She also wanted to register me but since I can't read mandarin or converse well in mandarin, I have promptly declined her offer. Didn't want to malu myself on stage la, just in case I got selected to participate.

My BIL (Sis#2's hub) also participated in the same show last year...not sure which season or episod as I have never watch this show before coz' we never subscribe to Astro Wah Lai Toi Channel 311. Apparently Astro received thousands of entries and DH and Sis#2 are the lucky fews who got selected to participate.

The show is hosted by Hui Min and participants will need to earn mileage (point) to win the trip to their favourite destinations. The briefing and audition is this Sunday and hopefully DH and Sis#2 will be lucky enough to win some travel packages or goodies!

I saw in the Facebook Astro Ready to Fly fan page that past participants have traveled to Japan, Paris, Bangkok etc....wow...isn't that great?


michelle@mybabybay said...

What do the contestants need to do? Just fly?

Blog's author said...

Hi Michelle,not so sure about the new format in the season 3 but for the last 2 seasons, contestants need to answer questions relating to travel destinations

mommy to chumsy said...

good luck to your hubs and your sister :D

Blog's author said...

Hi Mommy to Chumsy - Thanks! Will update more details after the audition

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