08 August 2009

Yamaha Junior Music Course (JMC)

Yesterday, I brought Werney to attend her first Yamaha Junior Music Course (JMC)'s trial class. Werney loves to sing and dance and I thought starting her with a music program would be great. JMC is for children between the age of 4 and 5 years old and it is a 2 years program.

For very young kids, JMC would stimulate a more conducive learning environment as compared to a one-to-one piano lesson as a child can get bored easily. JMC is different from the conventional piano lesson as this is a group lesson with about 8-10 parents & children in the class.

The parents & kids will learn the course together. Yes, this mean you will have to sit in with your child during the 60 minutes class. I know some parents love to drop their kids off for the class so that they could run some errands or shopping but I really like the idea that parents get to participate in the course. It helps to take the lesson home and parents could guide the kids with the knowledge learned during the class. Besides that, it is also bonding time for the parents and the child.

JMC emphasizes learning the music via play by ear method. There are lots of interactions during the class with singing, playing the keyboard, theory and etc. The teacher is very experienced and has a nice voice too! Both Werney and myself have enjoyed the class and I have decided to enroll Werney for the 2 years journey.

Am currently sourcing for second hand materials for the JMC. Anyone keen to sell off?

Update @ 12 August 2009

Found the JMC materials from a Penang mommy. Bought the CD & DVD 1, 2 & 3 from her!


mommy to chumsy said...

Yay, I can leave comments now :D Your girl is so cute. She is very confident and her speech is so good :D

Blog's author said...

Mommy to chumsy: Thanks. Werney is a chatter box at home.

Annie Q said...

i am thinking to sent my boys for JMC too next month. At first i thought i can just leave them there then i can do my own things. After checking with Yamaha, looks like i have to sit in the class with the boys. Hope my boys will enjoy it, since they like music and singing.

Blog's author said...

Annie Q - Some of the Yamaha centre have trial classes....call them to enquire. I also noticed that the fees charged varied from centre to centre and some collect fee per term and some monthly.

Grace said...

i would like to know any JMC in Penang and where can i get the JMC cd or dvd also

Grace Chan

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