25 August 2009

Sweetest tutu ever

It's every girl dream to be a princess and Werney's wishes has came true with this wonderful tutu from Tutu Workshop.

When I told Werney that I have won a tutu skirt for her in the recent MOBS-Tutu Workshop contest, she was so so happy! Yes, this lil' girl of mine is quite a vain pot. The prize for the contest is:

2nd Prize
A Basic Classic Tutu + magic wand (worth RM100)

The chosen slogan was:

My princess will look great in a tutu because delicately crafted with love, simply pretty and alluring with the power of transporting the girls to the fairyland!

I e-mailed the Tutu Workshop owner, Joanne and she gladly replied that she could make me a customised tutu....I get to choose the colour and size of the tutu! And of course, the colour is pink - Werney's favourite colour.

We have just received the custom made tutu on Sunday. Joanne personally delivered the tutu to us. The tutu is nicely handmade by Joanne herself, such a talented lady. The tutu is indeed very lovely and beautiful. Thanks very much!

Werney has been asking me when she could wears this tutu for our outings. In the meantime, these are some of the shots I took at home.

And of course, lil' Anney wanted to try out the tutu skirt too.....


2ma said...

congrats!!! the tutu is very nice & somemore with the matching pink leggings, werney looks like a flamingo *hehe*

mommy to chumsy said...

congratulations. the tutu is really pretty :) werney must be so happy :D

Melissa Siew said...

anney look so cute + fair.. cant wait to see them wearing tutu kai kai with us.. =D

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