08 October 2009

What is wrong with me?

I have been having this bad flu and cough for more than 2 weeks and I am still coughing badly now. Been to 5 GPs and even Chinese sinseh but this bad cough doesn't seems to go away..sigh..know of any formula I could use?

As a result of the regular doses of flu & cough syrup and tablet, I also have this lingering headache for the last few days. According to the GP, it could be due to too much medications and yet, after the last visit yesterday, I still ended up with 5 different type of medications!

Another problem is most of this medication will cause drowsiness and I can't take it during the day time as I got to work!

On a lighter note, Werney has resumed her kindy this week. The crying is still there but more manageable. Mommy is praying hard everything will be back to normal soon!


mommy to chumsy said...

sorry to hear this. i have been having this cough for weeks now too. Been to the doctors a few times and taken antibiotics too. still the cough is there. sigh...i am now taking Mucosolvan (for getting rid of phlegm). Got them from the pharmacy. I hope this will stop the cough.

good to hear that Wearney is going to school again. she'll be fine :)speedy recovery to you :)

Blog's author said...

Hi Mommy to Chumsy: Thanks. I hope both Ash & you will get better soon too from this nasty cough!

michelle@mybabybay said...

My aunt said double boiled orange juice with a little rock sugar can help cure cough. You can try.

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