23 October 2009

Influenza vaccination

Yesterday, I brought my two girls to the hospital for a follow-up review with the appointed paediatrician on the recent acute gastroenteritis (AGE) attack. The good news is both girls have been declared healthy now though Werney needs to put on more weight as she is considered too petite for her age. Werney is only 100cm and weights 14.5kg. My 5 year old is really petite, huh?

During our visit, the paed actually suggested that I should vaccinate my girls with the influenza (flu) vaccination. This is the seasonal flu jab and does not protect against H1N1 or SARS, but it is recommended as the next phase of influenza attack is likely to happen around year end (normally it is around winter time).

The seasonal flu jab is not a compulsory vaccination in Malaysia and the vaccination need to be admitted annually due to the highly variable flu virus. Each flu jab contains three influenza viruses: one A (H3N2) virus, one regular seasonal A (H1N1) virus (not the 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus), and one B virus. Children (between 6 months to 18 years) and elderly people (above aged 65 years old) and certain high risk groups are recommended to be vaccinated against the seasonal flu. Potential side effects from the jab are aches, fever and running nose.

According to the paed, the flu jab costs about RM60+ per shot at the hospital. I've also checked with my regular paed near our residential area and they are charging RM85 (yet the waiting list is so long as they have got limited stock)! I guessed the price varies from clinic to clinic.

I will bring my girls for the jab in another 1-2 weeks times as they have just recovered from AGE. Do you vaccine your child against the seasonal flu?


mommy to chumsy said...

Hey Pauline. I have asked Ashley's paed about this flu jab and she said it's up to individual. This is because it does not prevent all flu virus and the kids would still get the cold and all. Her paed also charges about rm80 plus for the jab. I probably won't be giving Ashley this jab. Hopefully I could help to boost her immune system by giving her more fruits and supplements :)

2ma said...

i just took the seasonal flu jab last wk coz i will be traveling end of next mth with the boys. mummy didnt want shan leo to take this jab coz doc says for kids his age, he will require 2 dose. hence, shan leo will be going for the pneumococcal jab instead. anyway, the seasonal flu jab will last for 1 year

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