24 October 2009

Homemade yogurt

Do you know you can actually make your own yogurt at home?

Yogurt has been known to contains many beneficial bacteria to keep our digestive system healthy. However, the lifespan of these good bacterias is short and at many times, the good bacteria would have diminished in quantity and quality by the time we bought home the commercially made yogurt from the store.

I have just learned 3 easy steps to make this homemade yogurt. You can make this yogurt in 5 minutes (great for super busy mommy!) and no electricity is required. The yogurt is so fresh, preservative-free and taste better than the one we bought from supermarket!

Verdict: Both Werney & Anney love it!

I am using the EasiYo Yogurt Maker. EasiYo is a product from New Zealand and you can get it from local pharmacy (like Caring), major supermarket or organic store. Some online stores also sell EasiYo products.

Ways to make the yogurt:

1) Fill the yogurt jar with 500ml room temperature drinking water
2) Pour the whole packet of yogurt mix into the yogurt jar, give it a good shake to ensure all the yogurt mix has been fully dissolved
3) Fill the yogurt jar with more water until it reach 1,000ml. Shake the jar again
4) Fill the yogurt maker with hot water until the indicator line
5) Put the yogurt jar into the yogurt maker and leave it for 12-24 hours undisturbed (no opening and closing the yogurt maker to check whether the yogurt has set!)
6) Once ready, the yogurt would have set (thicken) and you can transfer the yogurt jar into the fridge. Serve cold
7) If you wish to add fresh fruit, add it into the yogurt mix after the yogurt has set. For sweeter taste, add some honey before serving

Enjoy your freshly homemade and healthy yogurt!

The yogurt maker is sold for RM79.00 and each sachet of the yogurt mix cost about RM15.00. The yogurt mix comes in many flavors like strawberry, peach, boysenberry, mango, vanilla or the plain natural flavor. Each sachet if good to make 1 kg of yogurt and you can keep it up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Of course, it is better to consume the yogurt as soon as possible to reap the health benefits.


chinnee said...

thanks for sharing this. we spend a lot on qiqi's yogurt. i think this is better than the bought ready ones.

Blog's author said...

i just found out that vitacare pharmacy at the gardens is selling the yogurt maker at RM129 for 2 set! it is really a good deal if intend to get it and share it with a friend! the yogurt mix is retailing at RM15.50/packet

Health Freak Mommy said...

I'm contemplating buying a yoghurt maker too. Looks easy to make. Does it taste good?

Berceste said...

Did you try to use your own yogurt instead of one of sachets? I am preparing yogurt daily to my little one and it is easy too. I am using 1 spoon home made yogurt as a starter in a jar and adding warmlike milk(you can use little finger as termometer, it should be neighter hot nor cold, little warmer than your finger) Than close the jar. Put in a warm place and put your old wool sweater on it, wait 3-4 hours, check it, if it is begin to be solid put it to the refrigerator. It is ready in a cheap way and easy without any tools. Suggested!

Berceste said...

One more suggestions!

I suggest kefir, especially for kids. It is important to improve their immune system. Check from internet and one sample writing is here http://www.rwood.com/Articles/Fermented_Foods_Strengthen_Immune_System.htm

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