02 October 2009

International Babywearing Week

The International Babywearing Week was held from from September 21 to 28 this year. The tag line for this year - Close Enough To Kiss....such sweet tag line and I couldn't agree more.

In Malaysia, due to the Hari Raya holidays, the launching of the event was only kicked off on 27 September 2009 in Penang. I think the Malaysian Babywearers (MBW) group is also planning a walk sometimes in KL in month but the date is still not firmed up yet.

However, MBW has launched 5 contests in conjuction with the International Babywearing Week in Malaysia and there are so many prizes to be won! If you like more information on the contest, jump over to official website of the Malaysian Babywearers.

By the way, I have just bought the Littlepods Soft Structured Carrier and hope to write a review on it soon once I have a chance to test it out!

Happy Babywearing!


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