27 October 2009

Baby's taste buds

Just last week, I blogged about how Anney hated the new lactose-free formula milk that our
paediatrician has prescribed for her and prefers to go on a hunger-strike! Well, that didn't last very long and my milk queen is back to her 5-6 bottles of milk + 2 solid meals a day.

After our last visit to the paediatrician on Thursday, the paed has given Anney the green light to resume her regular formula milk. However, as I didn't want to waste the unfinished can of formula milk, I decided to let her continue with the lactose-free formula.

Yesterday, my mom switched baby back to her regular formula milk and she refused to drink it. See how picky is this baby! She just knew it is not the same milk with one sip! My mom has to try persuading her and finally added some chocolate flavour Pediasure from Werney into Anney's milk before she finally polished off her bottle of milk.

I wondered whether all babies are so fussy with their taste buds! Now I have problem switching Anney back to her regular milk, which we have stocked up previously.


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