14 October 2009

Anney is hospitalised

Anney is currently being hospitalised.

It all started on Monday midnight when Anney started puking out all her milk, all over herself and the bed. Then the vomiting continued every hour or so. She can't keep anything down, whether milk or water!

Then at around 4am, DH drove Anney to the ER and Anney was given an anti-vomit jab. The vomiting did stopped for 8 hours or so and it all started again after that. Although Anney was still quite active, the constant vomiting worried me sick. She was hungry but just could not keep anything down in her tummy.

We sent her back to ER in the evening and luckily, there was a paediatrician on duty that evening. She diagnosed that Anney to have acute gastroenteritis and the possible cause is viral. Apparently, there is a gastroenteritis outbreak in town and it started before Hari Raya. The paed immediately requested Anney to be admitted to the hospital for IV drip as one of the main concern for gastroenteritis is dehydration. Dehydration can happen very quickly in young children!

Poor Anney cried big time when the doctor and nurses inserted the IV line on her left hand. They also have to bandaged her right hand to prevent her from pulling the IV line.

The paed has just instructed to stop the IV drip now(after 22 hours) and luckily, the vomiting has also stopped. They has also given anti-vomit drug in the IV drip earlier. If Anney could resumes drinking and eating normally, then Anney probably could be discharged tomorrow.

Am praying hard Anney will be well soon!


mommy to chumsy said...

poor girl. must be very traumatic. hope she is better now. I pray that Wearney will be better soon too.

Cynthia said...

poor Anney.. hope you recover soon! and mummy, you take care too ya.. hopefully Wearney will be better soon too!

Health Freak said...

I can imagine how traumatic it was for Anney. How is she and Wearney today? I hope much better. BTW, which hospital are you all at?

2ma said...

get well soon anney! i think its the same virus that attacked shan rae earlier. same symptoms :(

since its a virus attack, u have to be extra careful when u handle her. if not, u may caught the virus too. take care!

KittyCat said...

Hi, hope that Anney gets well soon. I'd just been to the ob-gyn (near the paed's office) and was really stressed seeing and hearing kids' getting IVs in!

Denesa said...

Sincerely hope that your little girl will recover soon.

michelle@mybabybay said...

Poor gal, hope she has a speedy recovery! Ask the doc to give her some good bacteria.

Blog's author said...

Thanks all for the well wishes. Both girls were discharged yesterday.

Health Freak Mommy - We were at Sime Darby Medical Centre (formerly Subang Jaya Medical Centre).

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