11 October 2009

Magic sponge

Anney has officially turned 19 months two days ago.

Besides being a super duper active, Anney is quite a stubborn baby! Mommy has been reminding her that pencil, crayon or colour pencil should be used on paper but this little baby just love to scribbles our wall and furniture!

See the latest "artistic" act of Anney, scribbling all over our Ikea table & chair with her pencil.

Luckily, I remember reading a post from HealthFreakMommy about using Melamine Foam to clean stubborn stains and I quickly rushed out to get one. The one I got was from Cosway and it cost RM7.90 for a bar!

This Magic Sponge really does wonder and work better than my Jif or Axion. The melamine foam is compact and light-weight and magically eases cleaning chores. It cleans superbly without detergents nor chemicals. You can use the sponge either wet or dry but I find it works best if I slightly wet the sponge.

Magic sponge is recommended for most surfaces except for paintings, lacquered surfaces or car paintwork.

If you have kids at home, you will definitely find this magic sponge a life saver!


mummystephenienyou said...

Hi, love to read your blog. So informative! I think i met u in Joanne's daughter's birthday party at BAngsar Village.

The magic sponge can be reused or not?

2ma said...

i guess i shld ask mummy to stock up 1 just in case she needs it :)

Blog's author said...

Hi Mummystemtenienyou - yeah, i was at Joanne's party with my 2 girls. Didn't know which one were you coz' Joanne didn't make any introduction.

The magic sponge can be reused - just wash it with plain water and dry it for the next use

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