21 October 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Werney

Today is Werney's 5th birthday.

Initially, we have planned a birthday party at McD for her over the weekend. However, as she has just recovered from acute gastroenteritis, the doctor has advised her to avoid crowded places (where possible) and also monitor her food diet. Hence, we have to postpone her birthday party. Invitations for the birthday party were sent out earlier and we have to call and sms all the parents to inform of the last minute postponement. The parents were very understanding but most of Werney's friends were upset!

October doesn't seem to be a good month for Werney. She was also warded last October while we were holidaying at Gold Coast, Australia. At that time, she was diagnosed with intususseption. Another tongue twisted word, huh? Well, this is again no joke as she had intense stomach cramp for more 24 hours and finally admitted to the hospital where the doctors have to order for numerous tests, x-ray, blood test, urine test, ultrasound etc before finally diagnosed the illness. Thanks God that it was over now as it has been quite dramatic for all of us as we were in a foreign land!

As for today, mommy wish Werney a Happy Birthday and hope she will grow up to have good health! By the way, Werney has resumed school and seemed to have overcame her school phobia after 6 weeks of drama! Am praying hard that it will not occur again.

Tonight, we will have dinner with family members and I've also prepared some party packs for Werney to bring to school today.


Annie Q said...

Happy Birthday Werney!

mommy to chumsy said...

Happy Birthday Werney :) May all your wishes come true :D

2ma said...

Happy Birthday Werney!!! Wishing you great health always!!!

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