16 September 2009

Stress? Separation anxiety disorder?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately as I was worried sick of Werney.

Remember, I blogged about her refusing to go to school after the August school break and I thought she just need a little more time to get thing moving again (Werney was okay for the last 8 months). Well, it has been more than 2 weeks now and her condition has not improved. In fact, I think it is getting worst.

Werney would cries before bedtime telling us she doesn't want to go to school and I will have a hard time trying to console her and telling us how wonderful the school is etc, before she eventually drift off to slumberland . She keeps on telling us she is scared to go to school but can't tell me the exact reason for her fear. She usually wakes up around 9.30am in the morning and for the past weeks, she was up and awake at 8am and started crying again till time for school at around noon.... imagine, that is like 4 hours daily! It is really a mental torture for everyone at home especially my mom and dad. No matter what we said or do, she just can't stop crying and doesn't want to go to school. Once she is at school, she seems to be fine and stop crying after we left her. It is the drama before school and during bedtime that stressed everyone up at home.

I've also spoken to her teachers and principal - we have ruled out any school bully etc. Her teachers are really loving and caring and even offer to visit us at home during weekend. Werney was really excited that her teacher would be coming to our house to play Barbie doll with her.....but the mere thoughts of going to school would freaked her out! Werney's principal said she is stressed and maybe separation anxiety too. What puzzled us is why now after 8 months of school? In fact, Werney started school when she was 4!

I have stopped Werney from school this week and told her she will only resumes school after the Raya break, which is next Wednesday. She was okay on Monday and yesterday, again started to cry telling us she doesn't want to go to school next Wednesday....well, that is like another week away! Werney is really very stressed and I think this is not just the normal whining from a kid. She seems to have the fear about going to school because when I touches her hand, they are really cold and she would also be silently weeping from time to time.

We are already at our wits end on what to do? Wondering whether anyone else have the same problem and how to overcome this? Maybe I should bring her to seek for professional help.

Mommy and Daddy just wish our little Werney will be back to her usual chatter box and bubbly self soon.


mumsgather said...

Oh dear. Poor thing. I hope you get to the bottom of things soon. It must be so stressful for everyone.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh no...poor Werney. Hmm..could it be that she feels she would not see either of you anymore once she goes to school? maybe someone said something to frighten her? I hope she will be back to her old self soon. hang in there, mommy. no wonder i didn't see you in music class yesterday :)

Denesa said...

Have you tried joining her in school for a day and observe what is going on? Could it be due to her feeling pressurised assuming that other kids are performing better or because of any kids' quarrel?

I used to feel frightened to go to school when I was young because I have very fierce teachers. I felt better then when I knew that my mom would be there during recess break to bring me my food.

Blog's author said...

Hi All. Thanks for the comforting words. We have tried accompanying Werney to school for many times and in fact, she has the same situation last year after I gave birth to Anney. We were told that it could be due to the arrival of a new sibling. My mom sat in the class with Werney for one whole month and things still didn't work out :-(. In fact, it was better to leave her with the teacher as otherwise, she is very clinging to my mom and refuse to participate at all.

2ma said...

poor werney! i hope she will get over this really soon!!

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