23 September 2009

Sleepy head

Today, Wednesday is the start of the working week after the Raya break.

Instead of having a good start, I only managed to catch a 2-3 hours sleeps last night. First, was trying to solve Sue Wern's mission of not wanting to go to school....chatted and chatted with her and trying to find out why she refuses school etc. Yes, we have called it a mission like the Little Einsteins series. Yet, after many small talks, she told me she still doesn't want to go to school because she misses us, afraid of all her teachers etc and I still didn't manage to find out the real reason. We went to the paed last week and was told it could be due to severe school phobia and separation anxiety. Hmm.... sounded really serious right? Anyway, I have made a appointment to consult a child psychiatrist today and hopefully the Dr. could shred us some lights.

Second, Anney has been really cranky last night, crying for 1-2 hours before finally dozed off in the car at around 1.30am. Yes, I have to drive her around the neighborhood before she finally settled down....the security guard must be thinking what is this mad woman doing with a baby in car driving at 1+ am. Anney also refused to let my hubby drive her around....she only wanted mommy to cradle her and drive her around. She woke up again at 5am...wanted to watch TV and crying again. We thought it could be due to the blocked nose she has that made her cranky and switched off the air-cond in the room.......however she seemed okay in the car with the air-cond??? I drove her around our neighborhood again at 6am and after that managed to catch 30 minutes of eye shut before Anney started crying again!

Now I am feeling really sleepy and walking like a zombie...yawn....yawn...


mommy to chumsy said...

oh dear, poor you. hope you will get to the bottom of Sue Wern's anxiety soon.

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