07 September 2009

MOBS & HKS Little Bookworm Contest

If your child loves books and you would like to win some freebies, do join the Malaysian Online Baby Shops ("MOBS") & HuiWearn Kids Store ("HKS") Little Bookworm Contest. Contest details and prizes can be found here. Contest ends on 1 October 2009.

I love to shop for fabulous deals at Ebay and have been a regular customer of HuiWearn Kids Store. Hui Wearn offers many fabulous books, toys and Gymboree attires for boys and girls at great bargains.

Some of the fabulous titles that I have bought from Hui Wearn include Dora the Explorer collections, Sesame Street, Disney Princesses and lately, the Charlie & Lola series. Why am I crazy about all these children books? The answer is my two little angels - Werney & Anney, of course! Our children book collections have filled up 2 bookshelves now. In fact, DH is also another bookworm and he has his study room cabinets filled up with his books, which he has collected for the last 20 years??

Werney, 5 years old

Werney has started showing interest in books since baby. Initially, I started reading to Werney to distract her while I feed her as she is quite a fussy eater. Since then, it has became our daily routine. In fact, every night before bedtime now, Werney will request for me to read her at least 2 books. Some of Werney's classic favourite during her baby days were Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? I think I have read the Goodnight Moon book for more than a 100 times and even have to bring the book along during our holiday aboard.

Now at 5, Werney loves Dora the Explorer and many others. I have also started Werney with the Ladybird Key Words with Peter and Jane series. One of her current favourite is Charlie & Lola, I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato by Lauren Child. This book features the popular Charlie & Lola of the TV cartoon series.

Being a fussy eater, I bought this book with the aim to encourage Werney to try out more foods, other than her usual french fries and sausages. It is really a funny book and Werney loves how Charlie convinced her little sister, Lola, a picky eater to try out the varieties of foods. Lola won't eat her carrots until big brother Charlie reveals that they are really orange twiglets from Jupiter. She won't eat her mashed potatoes until Charlie explains they are cloud fluff from Mount Fuji. What about eating Ocean Nibbles (for fish sticks), the food of Mermaids?

There are many, many other things that Lola absolutely will not eat, including and especially tomatoes. And yes, Werney doesn't like tomatoes too but I have convinced her that she should try everything, just like Lola.

A really well written story and the book is alive with lots of colors and imagination. Werney really enjoys this book and we read it at least a few times a week.

If you would like to get your copy of Charlie & Lola, I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato book too, hop over to Ebay now. Hui Wearn has just stocked up on this book again.

, 18 months

As for Anney, she loves books too but her attention span is short and I usually read her picture board books. One of her favourite is Baby Einstein Language Nursery book.

I bought this book from Pay Less Books shop for just RM9, a few years ago. It still looks great after many years with frequent stains from milk, fruit juice and what's not!

What is so special about this book? This is a board board that is suitable for baby from ages 1 months to 4 years old. It has a collection of bright and bold pictures of simple words like Star, Duck, Bear, Flower, Train, My name is.........etc in English and also 4 other different languages - French, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew. The last page of the book comes with a non-breakable mirror and this has never failed to leave a smile on Anney's face. It is such a joy to see her laugh whenever she looks at her own reflection in the mirror. Anney's favourite word is "Baby", pointing at herself in the mirror.

Anney has learned many words from this Baby Einstein book and she is like a parrot now, repeating all the words after me. For words that she can't pronounced, she would just said "gaga" and smiled at me!


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faythe has the charlie & lola book too, but it's on chocolate

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really? got book on chocolate? the charlie and lola book quite funny rite?

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