08 September 2009

New Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken Restaurant

I love the all-time favourite Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken.

Whenever DH goes to Ipoh for business, I will ask him to pack a few of the Ipoh famous salt-baked chicken home. I will keep the chickens in freezer and steam it or cook with porridge whenever I have the craving. Don't ask me which shop in Ipoh as all the shops have the same red packaging box.

Anyway, I found a new Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken Restaurant at Kuchai Lama. Yes, the chicken is as yummy & juicy as the ones from Ipoh although it is definitely more expensive. They are selling at RM22 per bird and additional RM1 for delivery. The funny part is they used McD driver for delivery!

If you love Ipoh salt-baked chicken, do check them out at:-

Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken Restaurant
B-0-5, Kuchai Business Park
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Kuala Lumpur

Call 03-7987 3377 for enquiries, take-away and delivery.


Mummy to QiQi said...

haven been able to try this until today. thanks for posting this with the delivery details. am going to get them deliver one bird to me soooon...

mommy to chumsy said...

oh i've seen this shop so many times but yet to try. Wow, it cost rm10 more than the ones in Ipoh :) How many flavours do they have? Hmm..maybe the McD driver works 2 jobs hehehehhee.

Blog's author said...

mommy to chumsy: i think only one type of flavour...the usual one with tong kui

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