25 September 2009

Raya break getaway @ 21 - 22 September 2009

Despite the drama at home, we took a short break during the recent Raya break with my family members. Sis#2 suggested that we drive up to Genting Highland and did a last minute booking for 3 rooms at Awana Genting Highland Golf & Country Resort. It was super peak and everywhere was crowded. Luckily we left our house early and were not caught in the Karak highway jam!

We reached Genting Highlands at about 10.30am and the indoor theme park was already quite packed. The queue at the ticket counter were like "ular" (snake) already. I have booked the ticket online a day before and it was easy for us. We just have to collect our tickets at the tagging counter instead of queuing at the ticket counter. Otherwise, probably poor DH have to queue for an hour or so before we can get the tickets.

As this was not the first time we bought our girls to the Indoor Theme Park, Werney got tired of the rides easily and we only managed to catch 2 rides before we break for lunch. After lunch, both Werney and Anney were sleepy and it was still way too early for us to check in at Awana. So, we decided to let them nap in their strollers while we sip a cuppa at Starbuck.....well....it is the least crowded place! DH also decided to try his luck at the First World casino and I wanted to do some shopping. So we took turns to look after our two sleeping kittens!

We left the Indoor Theme Park shortly after 2pm and proceeded to Awana for check-in. Sis was already there queuing for us and it took us about 1.5 hours to check-in. The queue was very very loooong and yet there were only 2 counters for check-in. I was so mad as Anney got really restless and parents were tired as there were not enough chair/sofa for the waiting guests and the lobby was totally crowded. When I complaint to the Front Desk Manager, they just said "sorry" with the couldn't careless attitude. We have always love to stay at Awana as the air was fresher and we love the view of the golf course. However, after this experience, we will probably have to think twice before making another booking here.

For dinner, we had our buffet at the Coffee Terrace @ Genting Hotel. For RM69 nett/pax, there have good selection of main course (Asian and Western) and many yummy desserts. The food was quite good. After dinner, we visited the theme park again and this time, the girls decided to go for the merry-go-round.

We left Awana before noon the next day and visited the new Strawberry Park. It is located at the Goh Tong Jaya area, just 5-10 minutes drive from Awana. The place is exactly like Cameron Highlands and you can self-picked the strawberries. For self-picked, they will charge RM8/100g. Quite pricey but we have never picked any strawberries and Werney really wanted to try. In the end, we ended buying 800g (me - 200g, Mom - 400g and Sis#2 - 200g). Mom and Werney got so shiok picking the strawberries!

This place also have nice collection of cactus, orchid and mushroom. Worth a visit since it is only 45 minutes drive from KL.

Check out the wonderful pictures below.....


Mummy to QiQi said...

we are going there this coming thurs. easy to find this place?

Blog's author said...

Hi....the place is easy to locate. It is near the Goh Tong Jaya shoplots and there are signboard to direct you there. Have a good time!

mommy to chumsy said...

i dislike going to gentings especially when it's the holidays. their service sucks eh? i think i won't mind going to the strawberry park. thanks for the info. i'm sure ashley would love it :D

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