04 September 2009

School refusal

School re-opened this week after a 10-days mid-term break.

One of my mom's biggest concern is Werney refusing school. Yes, this has happen many a times before and when she first started kindergarten at 4, my mom basically have to go to the school with her and sat there throughout her 3 hours class for at least a month (luckily I have a very patient mom!).

True enough, Werney's old habit surfaces again on Tuesday. As usual, she will tell my mom that she didn't want to go to school, giving excuses that she has sore throat etc. My mom insisted that she must go to school and sent her to school. Of course, she cried when my mom left and it was only for a short while. It didn't help that one of the teacher joked that she will bring diaper and bottle for her the next day if she cries again! Werney is a very sensitive child and any such "joke" would be taken seriously! The principal is well aware of this and unfortunately, the teacher on duty that day to bring the children up the school was not aware.

The same night (Tuesday), Werney cried (quite badly before bedtime!) and whined that she doesn't want to go to school anymore. Knowing her, I knew something must have happen in school and she told me about the diaper & bottle story. I reassured her that the teacher was just joking etc and finally she settled now and slept.

On Wednesday, she cried big time again before school time and vomitted her lunch all over the floor. My mom was furious and Werney didn't go to school that day.

Hubby kindly send Werney to school yesterday (Thursday) and spoke to the principal and teachers. Luckily Werney told me she likes her class teacher a lot and her class teacher was quite accommodating. She sat with Werney and talked to her before the class start just to make sure she is okay!

Today is already Friday....I hope Werney would have adjusted to the school re-open thingy. Really pening with this missy....sometimes she would tell me she loves her school and all her teachers and the next time, I don't want to go to school etc......

Do you have this problem with your child?


michelle@mybabybay said...

I used to have this problem with my youngest. The trick is to bring up something she likes in school. Remind her of it constantly.

Blog's author said...

Thanks Michelle. I will try that!

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