09 September 2009

My messy little eater

Anney loves to be independent and is currently in the self-feeding stage.

She could spooned some foods into her mouth using her baby spoon although still not very good at it yet. She hates me feeding her or holding her cup while she drinks her juice or water. She would push my hand away whenever she sees me doing that (holding her cup)....but the problem is my little Anney is a messy eater.

After every meal time, it is like I just had a "party" at home. I will have food everywhere on her face, her hair, her mouth, the table, high chair and floor. Imagine the mess! And mommy have to sweep and mop the floor after every meals.

At times, Anney also refuses to sit at her high chair....it can get really messy whenever we are at the restaurant. She prefers to roam around the restaurant or running or climbing everywhere!

Some of Anney's pictures taken during meal times.....

Anney having a bowl of cereal with banana

Mom, it is tastier this way!

Finger licking good!

See how messy Anney could be?


mommy to chumsy said...

hhahahaha...she's so cute.

2ma said...

such a bliss to see the little one enjoying her meals *hehe* so cute!!

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