29 April 2009

What is my 13 months old baby capable of?

Anney started to walk independently a week before she turns 1. And now at 13 months , she is quite a pro at crawling, walking, standing, bending down, squat down and and stand up again, picking thing using her thumb and index finger, carry thing while walking, pointing at thing and commanding mommy or daddy to do this and that and the list goes on.

Just last weekend, she learns this new trick....to climb up the big sofa in our family hall.

See this is what my little monkey is doing...

Mom, I think your big sofa is more comfy, let me try

Mom, I'm almost there

Mom, it is not too difficult to climb this sofa?

Mom, I did it!
(Check out her cheeky look)

Look like it is going to be more work to supervise her now!


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