20 April 2009

My Monday is not so BLUE!

Admit it, you hate MONDAY. You have pushed the snooze button on your alarm clock 3 times when it rang at 7 am and reluctantly you drag yourself up from bed still feeling tired although you had already slept for 8 hours. Then you secretly hope that you will have a temperature so that you can call in sick! Well, that is the Monday blue!

But today, my Monday is not so blue!

I just got an email that I won a pair of CROCS Lena Heel worth RM189 from a local magazine. Hurray! Hurray! I don’t recall winning anything big from the many local magazines that I religiously purchased every month, from women magazine to baby to health & beauty!

Look at how gorgeous is this baby? Come in 3 colours - black, brown and bronze (as above)! I personally love the bronze colour one.

Well, I guess it is a great way to start my work week!

Happy working everyone!


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